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Design next-generation products to make your life simpler, easier, more productive and less expensive.Embedded Technology is the hottest technology at present. It is a dreamer’s paradise with unlimited possibilities and opportunity. It is a 50 billion dollar industry at present and is projected to grow to over 90 billion dollar within 5 years. It is a combination of hardware and software that is preprogrammed to perform a range of dedicated functions. The hardware and software is unique for a given application.

Quick Start Boards

Apart from the controller’s development kits, the most compact and low cost Quick Start Boards are introduced rather defined as a multipurpose programmable board for beginners as well as high end users. The prior demand for quick start development purposes could make use of this module as the board is designed to work as a header providing access to all pins for external connections. This special feature makes the module to work as a development board and as an embedded system.  QuickStart board’s are developed for the dominant controllers like, PIC, 8051, AVR, ARM and ARM CORTEX etc.

Development Boards

Development boards are introduced to explore the features of a microcontroller and thereby it provides a step by step learning system for the beginners. The Board is enriched with the peripheral modules that it could reach the high levels of basic and advanced fundamentals in a microcontroller like LED, LCD, UART, ADC, I2C, SPI etc.

Based on the controllers like PIC, 8051, AVR, ARM etc, RhydoLabz will provide a fully fledged Development Board.

Teach Your self kits

Unavailability of the content based resources that make a developer to approach a trainer for being interfaced with a development kit. As an engineer knows the basic concepts of C programming, he couldn’t attain the path of self study due to the lack of resources based on the module. Rhydolabz will make you to work in a self developing environment with our own enriched resources that supports the suitable development kit. People who were in a working platform could utilize this opportunity to develop their own concepts without seeking the help of a trainer.

Single Board Computers (SBC)

Single Board Computers attains its pride through the enchanting features that it could cope up with a normal PC. Low cost, low powered, portability, rich in I/O, high flexibility, easy expansion capabilities etc are unique features of SBC systems. The ability of a SBC to work as a PC and as an embedded system meets the requirements in low and high end applications. Its reliability to perform multiple operations made its demand in the industrial sector. The Advanced SBC is developed to replace the PC systems as it comprises to almost 90% features of the conventional model.

Authorized Distributors of Arduino - Italy

Rhydo is the official distributor of Arduino Since 2010

Arduino Boards & Kits

The arduino boards are developed based on the microcontrollers like ATmega8, ATmega168, ATmega328, ATmega1280, and ATmega2560. The standard connectors in the board will help to integrate with the peripheral modules commonly known as shields. Arduino programs are written in C and its IDE is well equipped with the software library called “Wiring” which makes many common input/output operations much easier. As it is open source hardware, most of the fundamental programs could be seen in the arduino website itself. With an arduino board it is intended to develop a hobby circuit and a high end intelligent embedded device. RhydoLabz are the authorized distributors of Arduino in India.

Robotic boards & Kits

Mechatronics is the field of study that develops an advanced innovative path to Robotic design. The overall product is molded on the basis of a mechanical design, hardware design and an intelligent structure of program. By building a product with this format, it should take concerns regarding the cost, power consumption, reliability, maintenance etc… The brain of the computer will be a microcontroller in which our intelligent thoughts should be embed, that the robot should perform operations by satisfying our demands. RhydoLabz helps you to develop a robot with your own intellectual thoughts by providing the appropriate Robotic boards and kits which comprises of Robotic arms, wheeled land rovers, walking robots etc in a dispersed manner.

GSM, GPRS and GPS Boards

Communication system has attained a top most position by the development of advanced hardware modules that is intended to provide new communication schemes. Many IOT based systems has been designed for transferring data which could be retrieved easily in a global manner. GSM/GPRS modules boosts up the communication technology that a low-cost and reliable data transfer could be adopted by this system even through a mobile which is now a common device. Also GPS modules are common in many applications based on navigation which is used to integrate with the communication schemes. Rhydolabz is enriched with the GSM modules based on RS232 protocols, TTL logic and also various shields that support suitable microcontroller boards.

Displays (LED/LCD/OLED)

Whatever be the product, a user would be satisfied only be visualizing the outcomes in a text format. On the final finishing stage of an embedded device, it should be interfaced with a display device for establishing a proper communication that a normal user will concentrate only the output, not the internal hardware and software. So the displays must be designed in a fascinating way that could catch everyone eyes. Rhydolabz display modules ranges from small 16*2 Lcd for small applications to touch screen based lcd screen and oled’s for large applications.

Communication Modules

Near field communication and internet of things technology made the world to communicate in a very fast manner. Both global and secured communication schemes could be established by the help of an embedded system in which the supporting modules should be interfaced. So the development of a communication device reaches to its demand by its global interfacing strategy which would lead to the development of an intelligent system. Rhydolabz Communication modules include Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi, RFID, GSM/GPRS etc.

Wireless Modules

Wireless data transfer is a conventional concept, but it does not attain a saturation level as more wireless communication schemes and modules are developing in a very drastic manner. So new wireless data transfer formats have been introduced which nullifies the drawbacks and limitations of the conventional methods. For every innovation, the developers mainly concentrate for an adaptation in speed, cost, performance, and efficiency of that wireless module. A best performance should be obtained only by selecting a proper wireless module based on the application. Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth LE, Nordic Transceiver etc are the prior wireless modules in RhydoLabz.

Sensor Modules

Artificial intelligence theory will be fulfilled with the in co-operation of sensors on the basis of enchanting applications. Replacing a human with a robot or a surveillance module needs this theory to attain self thinking mode.Sensing more parameters could be integrated to an intelligent embedded system where its demand will be very high in the field of security, surveillance, decision making etc.

Rhydolabz sensor resources comprises of Accelerometers, Current Sensors, Distance Sensors, Direction Sensors, Gas Sensors, Gyro Sensors, Light / Imaging, Flex / Force, IR / PIR Sensors, Temperature, Magnetic / RPM, Weather Sensors etc.

Other Widgets

RhydoLabz had got variety of widgets collections which could be interfaced with the hardware modules based on suitable applications. It also comprises of the supporting modules for a suitable hardware such as battery pack and solenoid valve etc. The high end modules such as speech recognition module and finger print scanners are also available.

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