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IOT / BLE / NFC Projects

Communication systems are inevitable in our day to day life as this advancement will not meet its saturation level. New intelligent products and protocols has been developing to provide the transmission of information through various methods, that is what the word communication means. So be a part of this advanced communication era and make your own contributions for the creation an informative world. IOT / BLE / NFC based systems can enhance your own basic ideas that would lead to a development of an intelligent system for the present generation and a motivation to a future generation.

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Students can enjoy listed Features

  • ISO-9001-2008 Certified Embedded division
  • Get Trained from True R&D Company
  • Guidance by Professional Engineers
  • "ARM-Connected" Partner
  • Unlimited Development Boards and kits
    PIC,ATMEL,AVR,ARM,DSP (More than 300 kits)
  • Unlimited Modules,Sensors,breakout boards,widgets and tools

  • 7000 Square Feet Lab space
  • Labs loaded with -
    DSO's,MSO's,Spectrum Analysers,Logic analyzers,
    Emulators,In-circuit debuggers,Programmers,
    Protocol Decoders
  • Hacker Space with CNC Machine,Laser Cuter and 3d Printer
  • Happy to realize students own ideas
  • Facility to import hard to find components

Year's of Experience

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Commercial Projects

Products Developed

Internet of Things (IOT) Based Projects

Internet is now common on any where that it reaches on every hand by means of a mobile phone itself. Even these communication systems can be developed on the basis of internet based applications. Internet of Things (IOT) is mainly the integration of physical module with the internet which means an intelligent embedded system should communicate with the internet. The outcomes from a device should be outsourced through the internet so that it provides an ease of access to everyone. From the academic view this process comprises of an embedded and a software section that a developer could design in his own way by performing the basic analysis. Our IOT resources drive through Real time health monitoring, surveillance, GPS navigation etc.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Based Projects

Power consumption is the major issue marked as a limitation in many smart systems. Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth LE, BLE, marketed as Bluetooth Smart) is a wireless personal area network technology designed and marketed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group which has the property of reduced power consumption. Many devices which come under sports & fitness, health care, keyboards and mice, beacons, wearables and entertainment could be enhanced by this version of the technology. As the applications of smart devices persist in a large area, we are enriched with this device based projects which will be helpful for developing an ideologically bigger system with smaller size.

Near Field Communication (NFC) Based

Near field communication system is an upcoming technology which is a set of protocols that enables the smart devices to establish a radio frequency communication with each other. The main process is to identify a person and to retrieve his personal data within a short range. NFC tags could be applied in shops, trains, banks etc which consist a web address and by tapping our phone through it, the information’s will be retrieved. Payments, transferring shopping could be done in an easy way with less time consumption. The NFC projects could be developed here based on your concerned applications and also attain a goal of dedication to your academic infrastructure.

How it works

We streamlined our project guidance procedure,
so as to get 100% confidents to students..

Free course on the Project Subject

Depending on the topics selected , we provide FREE course on the subject with customized syllabus.We will split the projects in to the smaller modules and provide focused training (theory & practical) on the specific area. So student will be familiar with every modules used in the projects.

Implement The Project work

Once the Free subject training is over, we will start the project design/development  process. This stage we will combine the modules /interfaces and start the coding for project. All the process will be on common boards , once everything is completed will move to next stage...

Free training on Practical PCB Design

Till now, we have used common boards for testing and developing the projects. Now have to do Schematic design and PCB design procedures with dedicated CAD/CAM software's.You will be guided by our Professional Designers with industrial work experience.

Enable you to ready for VIVA

Now, you are about to finish, but need to documentation and be prepared for VIVA. We will guide you to prepare your own projects reports and other documents. Apart from that, our engineers will guide you how to face VIVA and will conduct a model VIVA for you, to get confidence...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is there any pre qualification Required?

We provide Project guidance for M-Tech,M-Sc,MCA,B-Tech,B-Sc,BCA and Diploma students.

How many days it will take to complete a project?

Since we are providing Free course along with project guidance it may take few more days to complete. It depends on the stream, for B-Tech students it is 15-25 Days , B-Sc and Diploma it will take 10-15 Days and M-tech it will be 25-60 Days depending the project toughness..

Do you provide support to our own ideas?

Yes, we are more interested on it since we know, young minds will have innovative ideas, we are happy to be a part of it.

Will you provide Project guidance at our campus

Yes, we can provide the guidance at your campus, provided there should be a minimum guaranteed students strength.

Do you provide project output guarantee?

Yes, we do. Since we are an R&D company till now we successfully completed all the project handled.  

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